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Another one!

August 11, 2009

I don’t always enjoy shopping, although most of the time I like buying things. But, going shopping with M around is a real nightmare. I like to quietly stroll down every aisle in the shop, picking up items, studying them, putting them back, returning for them, wasting a lot of time. Of course, this is absolutely impossible with M around as all he does is either run or knock things over- this actually happened last week when he picked up a jar of olives in the supermarket, and with a funny cheeky look he threw it on the floor. It broke but the shop staff were very suportive and didn’t even ask me to pay for it.

Anyway, yesterday we went out to one of the nearby malls and i popped into a baby shop. in less than a minute M was running outside it. Went to the toilet. Same, barely managed to wash my hands as I had to go chasing him again. So I got back in the baby shop and immediatly and without any market research a bought a new pram. Called hubby afterwards and told him what I’ve done. He’s reaction was: ANOTHER ONE?!?!

Yes, we’ve got about 5 of them now. But 2 are in Romania and one in England. I hope M will stay in it cause it’s really pretty 🙂


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