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July 31, 2009

I am really sorry for not writting anything for such a long time. Actually I lack both time and inspiration. I will try and update the blog a bit more often.

We have just returned to Dubai from our( mine and the GM’s) in our beloved home country, mine only 100%, his just 50%. Romania I mean. We were there for 5 weeks! It seemed like such a long time when we got there but in the end we could have stayed a little bit longer.

It was great being with my family and seeing a lot of friends. We were also lucky to have great weather. It rained almost every day! Bucharest was very green and full of flowers. I guess the sector mayors are having a contest ” the most flowerfull sector!”

M enjoed spending a lot of time outside, in the parks or in the garden. Our favourite park is Bordei, a very new park, very well taken care of. It has a great playground, with lots of sand toys, a nice lake full of swans and geese and ducks, and some peacocks. At one end it’s got a small hill and all M did was run up and down on it. One week we went to the mountains in Sinaia and we did not stay long enough. M only came inside to sleep, the rest of the time he played outside!

I enjoed being back in Romania for a while but I am glad I left. Dubai is not a perect place but I certainly enjoy it more than Bucharest.

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