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A day’s activities

May 16, 2009

Dubai is a great place. A lot of things going on all the time and a great choice of activities. For example, in the morning we went to the beach

The sun is too strong during the day so I took to wearing protective gear, such as UV protection polyester shirt. I know it doesn’t sound too good but it is great in the water. If i’m too much on land I get a bit hot in it. But it does a good job at covering me from the damaging sun rays.

So, this was the morning. In the afternoon we decided to cool down at the local ski slope


It’s not a very long slope, actually it’s very short, only 500 m but it was nice going skiing again. I was afraid I won’t remember how considering i haven’t been skiing at all in 3 years but it was easy. I guess it’s one of those things you never forget, like riding the bicycle. Inside it was really cold and my sister even got frostbites. We only saw one guy who could really ski( apart from us, of course) and he turned out to be an italian with a real passion for skiing. The local people seem to think that skiing is a speed race: point the skis down and go, don’t bother about the other people on the slope. I was a bit worried one of these speedos would knock me over. I managed to avoid it!

As I said the slope is really small and doesn’t pose any difficulty for a good skier. There are 2 slopes to be honest, one is for experts only and the other for begginers. Please! They are both very short and really easy. There is also a cable car and a stick pull( i have no other idea how to call that think that looks like a stick with a wheel and you get hold of it and it pulls you up) which was faster than the cable car.

It was a fun 2 hours and I’m looking forward to going again. Could not do it daily, like the italian guy but once a month would be nice.

Also, there is a little snow park but I could not take the Boss there as entry is permitted only after 3 years old. When I inquired about that they said it’s because it’s too cold in there. What?!?What do people in Iceland or Finland do?

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