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March 17, 2009

Things are starting to look better. I am still not in the best of mood but that is slowly improving.

Yesterday I was supposed to get a car. We decided to rent for 3 month and in autumn maybe buy something if prices start droping. So, we arranged with a hire company to deliver a Civic. I would have preffered the Accord but it was a bit expensive and we didn’t want to pay too much. I could have had an even cheaper car but I don’t want a small car so the Civic was the best option. Hubby comes back from work to receive it and pay for it.  This indian guy comes with it and tells us we need to give him copies of passports and driving licences. What?!? We already gave them to your company and were not told we need more! After a few conversaions on the phone  we can get away with it. So let’s pay! Big surprise! The credit card is not working. Or so the guy says! We believe it was a problem with their machine as I had made a credit card payment the previous day and it worked just fine. So the guy drives off with my car leaving me to dream about it. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

The good news is that the delay in getting a car did not affect me too much. Yesterday morning I had a visit from a British mommy from the neighbourhood with 2 kids and we had a wonderfull chat and the kids enjoyed playing in the garden with the water hose. In the afternoon my Romanian friend came over with her daughter, aged 7 months, and we had a great time and went out for a walk. This morning another mommy came around with her 20 month old daughter. She’s from South Africa and her husband is Australian. Her daughter was just like M, meaning active, independent, curious, extremly cute and they played together and interacted quite a lot. I also enjoyed chatting with the mother and it was amazing discovering how many things we have in common despite the 10 year old age difference and backgrounds. We had such a lovely time we did not realise when time went and the kids were really tired.

This afternoon I’m going with my Romanian friend, Ibi to the Souk Madinat. Apparently it’s a very nice place, not a mall but it’s full of shops. I’m very curious as I’ve heard many good things about it.

So, things are good and getting better!

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