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Driving license

March 12, 2009

Finally I can drive! All I need now is a car! I was thinking today that, since I first had a car( about 9 years ago) I’ve never had such a long brake from driving. A whole month! So, tonight we went oout, with me at the wheel. I must confess I was a bit weary. We went on Sheikh Zayed Road, the main road in Dubai. Speed limit is 120 km and only 6 to 7 lines. I was in the 5th most of the time. It just seemed strange to have so many lanes, full of cars and yet be able to drive at a reasonable speed. Not like Magheru at 7 pm!

Driving back was terrible because M was upset( different reasons eg not letting him push the trolley in the shop on his on, meaning I put my hand on it every now and then to stop it from bumping into someone or knocking over the shelves; not letting him run in front of a car…) so he screamed and screamed and screamed. Stopped only when we started singing Swing low sweet chariot… but then started again at Long way to Tipperarry( What happened to his Irish roots?). Anyway, as I got home I had a huge headache!

Getting the license was very easy but information on the internet is quite conflicting. On some websites romanians can swap the romanian driving licence for a dubai one and on another site they cannot. Both websites are Dubai Government websites! I’m on the lucky side as it is possible so after getting some copies of passport, residence visa and romanian license went for an eye test. A real one! Yeah, right! The guy asked me if I wear contact lenses. No. Then ask if I have eye problems. No. Then asked If I am sure about that. Yes! And that was it. So, with all this docs we went to RTA( Road& Transport Authority) where hubby wrote a No Objection Letter, payed the tax and had my photo taken. 5 minutes later I had the driving licence!

I need a car, soon!

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  1. March 16, 2009 12:14 pm

    break from driving:)

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