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No time to write

March 10, 2009

I was planning to write something every day about what’s going on here but I just don’t find the time. Or, when I get some time in front of the computer I’m so tired all I can do is read a few posts on a forum and that’s it. Before someone comes and pulls my hand saying “mama, mama, mamaaaaaaaa”.

Anyway, these last few weeks have not been very easy. My toe still hurts, some days more some days less but it’s  a hassle going out and running after the Little One. He is very active and won’t stay in one place for more than 5 minutes and he enjoys running on the street. It’s a good thing there are not many cars around where we walk. Going out as a family is not easy either. One of us has to chase him so we take turns and never manage to do anything together. We are also getting paranoid as it seems we’re the only ones whose kid is so active. Everyone else’s seems to stay in their pram, or eat nicely at a table, or walk holding hand with the parent instead of running back and forth. If we go shopping at C4 or the likes, I go in with the trolley while the men go to the playground or run around the mall. Yes, good for me, but everytime I hear a child I get very alert and get the feeling it’s M crying after me and he’s just there, on the other aisle( a bit paranoid, huh?)

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