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The weather

February 23, 2009

It seems i came at the right time in Dubai as the weather is absolutely great. We’ve hat 31C yesterday and at lunchtime it was a bit hot to stay outside. Bearable but not enjoyable. The morning and evenings are very nice. It’s just between 1 and 4 pm that it’s a little hot. The little man loves it as well. He knows he doesn’t have to put too many clothes on so he’s very cooperative when it comes to getting dressed. He still likes to run around the house naked while i chase him with the nappy but that is more of a fun game rather than an opposition. And it’s just great to be able to just put a t-shirt on and some flip flops and go out!( and trousers and others of course) I’d say it’s like in Romania end of June weather. Probably in a few months it will be too hot but until then we’re taking advantage of the warm temperatures. Today we even went to our community swimming pool. I was expecting the water too be nice but it was really hot!  Mamaia in August doesn’t have that water temperature.  Unfortunately for me M prefers to run around the pool rather than play in it. He doesn’t like not to be able to touch the ground i guess. We went first to the kiddies’ pool which is only 55 cm deep, but still M would rather circle it than get in it. Then I thought maybe the big pool is better but no way. He stayed in my arm for a little while then out again running. There was just a couple frying themselves in the sun and they did not seem bothered by the little man’s complaints.

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