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The blood test

February 23, 2009

In order to get residency I had to go for a blood test this morning. They just get some blood and test it for HIV, nothing much. I had heard stories about long waiting hours and many people queuing.  So we left the house around 7 am and went to pick up a driver from the site to take us into town. The roads are a bit messy in city centre so S doesn’t want to get lost so we take one of the drivers. Anyway, we got to the site around 7.45 and in another 10 minutes were off. The traffic was really terrible going into town and the distance was really short. What took us 10 min last time we went there was 30 min today. We got to this place, the Dubai Municipality Clinic and first thing we see is a huge line of people waiting. We get off and go in. First thing, I had to go to the reception and get a stamp on my documents. It took 1 min but only because the guy behind the counter was trying to explain something to a woman. So, he stamps my papers and sends me to room 8, just across the hallway. I get in, sit down immediately and give them my blood sample. I asked if I need an X-Ray as hubby did but they said no. After less than 5 minutes we were done.  But that’s only because I’m a lady and a house wife. Otherwise it would have probably taken longer but not too much as they have special rooms and counters Ladies Only.

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