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Landing in the desert

February 22, 2009

Leaving home wasn’t very easy. I’m not attached to Bucharest but I am very fond of my house and I love my family a lot. Those last few minutes with Buni where very emotional and I struggled not to cry
Mom, dad and Imoto took us to the airport where we stayed for an hour together and just ran around after the little man.

The flight was pretty awfull. I’ve been in worst situations in planes( not being able to recline the seat, feeling sick, going through turbulences..) but the
seats on this plane were so unconfortable it felt like being in an old cinema. The material was worn out and you could feel the metal under the cushion. But, on the good side we had an entire row
just for ourselves. On the bad side, we payed 3 mil at the check in due to baggage being overwheight. My scale at home showed 6 kg over but theirs showed 10 kg. I’m sure( or I’m paranoid) that they show much more wheight
than they should. And i didn’t get a receipt.
Anyway, back to the plane. I was hoping the Little Man would sleep all through the 5 hour flight but I wasn’t that lucky. He woke up agter the first hour and we spent the next 2,5 hours running around. It was very tiring
going up and down the aisle numerous time while making sure he doesn’t wake people up. He was showing me all the people that were asleep by poking them! I had to restrain him to our seats which of course caused a lot of anger
and some cries but he had to settle, eventually. We managed to get some sleep in the last hour which was good. We were the last to leave the plane and were greeted at the airport by the Ahlan service that I had booked 2 days before.
This is a meet and greet service and it prooved to be a great choice. So, they wited for me at the plane, put us on one of those funny little airport cars and drove almost a km to their lounge where we were served drinks and a plate with biscuits and dates.
They took my passport and my luggage tickets and went to deal with the immigration. At one point the lady that was looking after us, a very nice and beautifull chinese lady, took me to get an eye scan. We avoided the long cue that people were staying
in( that would have been us as well if I hadn’t booked this service). Then went back to the lounge. Little Man wasn’t very keen on waiting patiently on the sofa so I had to chase him around for what seems like hours. There was also a problem in that the
immigration crowd could not find my original visa, left by S at the same time with M. So again I was happy for Ahlan as I didn’t have to do anything but they made all the phone calls and running around looking for my visa. It turned out soon and
we were on our way out, collecting the luggage that they had already picked up for us. They( the nice chinese lady and a porter) walked us to the car and help load the stuff and were off.
So finally, we were back together with dear hubby! M recognised him imediatlly.
Half an hour later we arrived to the apartment and crashed into bed. It was 4 am.

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