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I love shopping…

February 22, 2009

But I really really dislike malls! They managed to get me awfully tired and irritable in a short time. After spending a couple of hours in a mall my eyes are sore and my head hurts. It might be the light. I agree, malls are very practical but
in the end they are all the same, no matter the design: long corridors with shops on both sides and the occasional cafe.

Yesterday we went to the Mall of the Emirates, famous for it’s indoor ski slope. We nedeed to buy some furniture and other stuff for the house. Had a look in Home Center, couldn’t decide on anything within the budget then strolled around to some other shops. M grew easily restless and drove us to the extreme of patience and
phisical resistance. He was either running around trying to climb everything or wanted to be carried. We initially rented a little stroller car for him which was interesting only for 15 minutes, after that it was me pushing it and hubby carrying him. After about an hour and a half he was so annoyed by everything around that
nothing seemed to calm him down. Until we got to the Toy Store. I was impressed! Little Man was absolutely fascinated. First by huge, real life size junge animals, then by…! Yep, he’s a boy all right. Just had to caress all the cars on all the shelves he encountered. Didn’t buy anything and at one point we ended up
so tired and hungry we had to take him out of there despite the resistance.

Prices are absolutely huge in Dubai. My first shock was in the first night at a farmacy. Thought I should stock up on some basics such as paracetamol and panadol. Waiting at the cashiers I noticed some nice little nail files, very easy to handle and carry around so i grabbed one. After paying and looking at the receipt I needed
to sit down. My little nail file was the most expensive item on the bill! More than a bottle of Calpol, a box of paracetamols or a first aid sprey! A bit over 3£! I know it doesn’t sound much but it’s an object the size of my little finger and doesn’t have any swarovki’s on it! Now I’m checking all prices carefully before
throuing something in the shopping bag!

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