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First days

February 22, 2009

Up at 12! Both me and Little Man! The house seemd cold but I was into a shock when I opened the windows. Could not believe how worm and humid it was. We got dressed: shorts and t-shirt for M and flip flops for me! and went out into the courtyard to explore.
The building is in a square shape, having the community areas in the middle, the pool and the playgrounds( onw with sand and things for little people and one with slides and swings for older kids).
M enjoyed his time in the sand, digging in it and throwing it around. I was thinking I had forgot all my sun hats at home. Duh! After an hours play we went back up and got some sleep. Then hubby came back from work and went to see the house which turned out to be much nicer than expected.
I was thinking about something english size, that is tiny, but it is quiet spacious. The living room and the upstairs bathroom could have done with more room but otherwise it’s very nice. And it felt livable. The only downturn is the road in front. Maybe it was the time
of the day but it seemed so noisy with all the cars going past that I really started to panick. All I wanted( apart from a nice, big place near a swimming pool) was a quiet place. I wanted to be able to sit in the evening in the garden and listen to birds and drink my coffee and eat my muffins.
Instead, all I could hear was wrooooooom, wroooooooom, wroooooooom. And the dust. It’s everywhere, and most annoyingly it was in my throat! I can only hope it’s like this only in the evenings, when people are coming back from work. If it’s like this all day I’m doomed! But I’ll get back to this
matter once we move in.

Today’s weather is not that good. The winds are upon us. Not too much as it doeasn’t affect short distance but you can’t see very far, I can only see 3 buildings ahead.
We drove to one of hubby’s construction site to see some furniture. It took us half an hour to get there driving with 120km constantly on a 6-7 lane road. Every now and then you could see construction going on. And sand, lots of it 🙂 It was really beautifull to see the pattern the sand was making when cars drove past.
We’re off the the Mall of the Emirates this afternoon for some shopping( for the house of course) and to meet a Romanian mommy.

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