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Another one!

August 11, 2009

I don’t always enjoy shopping, although most of the time I like buying things. But, going shopping with M around is a real nightmare. I like to quietly stroll down every aisle in the shop, picking up items, studying them, putting them back, returning for them, wasting a lot of time. Of course, this is absolutely impossible with M around as all he does is either run or knock things over- this actually happened last week when he picked up a jar of olives in the supermarket, and with a funny cheeky look he threw it on the floor. It broke but the shop staff were very suportive and didn’t even ask me to pay for it.

Anyway, yesterday we went out to one of the nearby malls and i popped into a baby shop. in less than a minute M was running outside it. Went to the toilet. Same, barely managed to wash my hands as I had to go chasing him again. So I got back in the baby shop and immediatly and without any market research a bought a new pram. Called hubby afterwards and told him what I’ve done. He’s reaction was: ANOTHER ONE?!?!

Yes, we’ve got about 5 of them now. But 2 are in Romania and one in England. I hope M will stay in it cause it’s really pretty 🙂


That’s it!

August 8, 2009

I gave up on trying to do everything myself because I was failing miserably! I just cannot deal with keeping the house clean( hahaha!), cooking( disastrously!), ironing( 4 t-shirts in 5 months) and spending time with Matthew!
So, for the 3 rd time since coming here I called a maid agency this morning and they sent somebody for cleaning and ironing! This feels really good! And I have decided to ” treat” myself to a maid at least once a week. Playing with M is much more important!

A really bad kitchen experience

August 4, 2009

So, on the 1st of August we celebrated the 2nd anniversary of our dear son! I got all excited about it and was planning to have a nice meal and a great cake at home. I thought about inviting some friends over but in the end we just thought a small do will suffice. And boy am I glad we were alone! The day started all right, we went to the pool for a few hours, the water was great, nice and warm( unlike in Romania where I froze!). Got home for the afternoon nap and I started cooking.   First try: Mellon Mousse! I’ve been trying to make it for a while but I can never get the cream right. So, I got a box with wipping cream on it and put it in the fridge for a day. Of course, it didn’t work! Instead of becoming nice and fluffy it turned hard like heavy cream. Very dissapointed I went to the local supermarket to get some things for the  second try . Ok, so it’s not really a cake but M wouldn’t know the difference. Of course I had problems with this one too, first the cream wouldn’t thinken then the crust broke into pieces when I got it out on the plate. So I decided for something simple. A Pavlova. I failed misserably at this too so Sean had to go to the same supermarket and buy a cake. The rest of the dinner was as unsuccessful. I had marinated some steak for hours but when grilled it was very very tough. And the grilled vegetables had too much pepper on them so I could only have a few pieces. Matthew’s were ok because I washed them before grilling them and they were the last.

I have spent 5 hours in the kitchen and appart from the bought cake nothing was really eatible. I am very dissapointed as I do enjoy cooking! Anyway, the boys spent the afternoon playing with the train set so at least they had a good time.

And what was really fun was M blowing the candle. Time and time again until we couldn’t light it anymore. I am very proud of him because it’s the first time he succesfully blows a candle. Till now he just looked at them very puzzled until someone else blew it for him.

Happy Birthday!

August 1, 2009

To my little one! The greatest love of my life, the most wonderfull boy in the world! He’s got energy to spare, runs like an athlet at the olympics, loves cars and bikes and trains and trams and we love him with all our hearts!
He’s 2 today!

sorry sorry sorry

July 31, 2009

I am really sorry for not writting anything for such a long time. Actually I lack both time and inspiration. I will try and update the blog a bit more often.

We have just returned to Dubai from our( mine and the GM’s) in our beloved home country, mine only 100%, his just 50%. Romania I mean. We were there for 5 weeks! It seemed like such a long time when we got there but in the end we could have stayed a little bit longer.

It was great being with my family and seeing a lot of friends. We were also lucky to have great weather. It rained almost every day! Bucharest was very green and full of flowers. I guess the sector mayors are having a contest ” the most flowerfull sector!”

M enjoed spending a lot of time outside, in the parks or in the garden. Our favourite park is Bordei, a very new park, very well taken care of. It has a great playground, with lots of sand toys, a nice lake full of swans and geese and ducks, and some peacocks. At one end it’s got a small hill and all M did was run up and down on it. One week we went to the mountains in Sinaia and we did not stay long enough. M only came inside to sleep, the rest of the time he played outside!

I enjoed being back in Romania for a while but I am glad I left. Dubai is not a perect place but I certainly enjoy it more than Bucharest.

A day’s activities

May 16, 2009

Dubai is a great place. A lot of things going on all the time and a great choice of activities. For example, in the morning we went to the beach

The sun is too strong during the day so I took to wearing protective gear, such as UV protection polyester shirt. I know it doesn’t sound too good but it is great in the water. If i’m too much on land I get a bit hot in it. But it does a good job at covering me from the damaging sun rays.

So, this was the morning. In the afternoon we decided to cool down at the local ski slope


It’s not a very long slope, actually it’s very short, only 500 m but it was nice going skiing again. I was afraid I won’t remember how considering i haven’t been skiing at all in 3 years but it was easy. I guess it’s one of those things you never forget, like riding the bicycle. Inside it was really cold and my sister even got frostbites. We only saw one guy who could really ski( apart from us, of course) and he turned out to be an italian with a real passion for skiing. The local people seem to think that skiing is a speed race: point the skis down and go, don’t bother about the other people on the slope. I was a bit worried one of these speedos would knock me over. I managed to avoid it!

As I said the slope is really small and doesn’t pose any difficulty for a good skier. There are 2 slopes to be honest, one is for experts only and the other for begginers. Please! They are both very short and really easy. There is also a cable car and a stick pull( i have no other idea how to call that think that looks like a stick with a wheel and you get hold of it and it pulls you up) which was faster than the cable car.

It was a fun 2 hours and I’m looking forward to going again. Could not do it daily, like the italian guy but once a month would be nice.

Also, there is a little snow park but I could not take the Boss there as entry is permitted only after 3 years old. When I inquired about that they said it’s because it’s too cold in there. What?!?What do people in Iceland or Finland do?


April 27, 2009

My sister is here and I am very happy, of course. So, on her second day we decided to go to the Atlantis Aquaventure water park. We had some good deal that were soon to expire, meaning some vouchers for the Dubai 7’s World Cup with only another week to use them. And I also had a free ticket, that I won at the before mentioned rugby event so we payed 1 ticket for 3 people! Great deal, right? I was also very nice, as always and shared my remaining vouchers, first with some friend that came with us then to the people in the bus that took us there. Everyone was very happy!

So, the place was great. I haven’t been to a water park in ages, 10 years at least so I was very impressed. There were many pools with shallow water excellent for kids and sort of rivers that connected all this pools. You could go on them with huge inflatable rings. Then there was the Ziggurat which had lots of rides that were real fun but seemed too short. And the big thrill was a 27m slide on which I did not go. My sister and dear hubby went but i decided i am not interested in it. What’s there to enjoy? A speedy ride with water getting in everywhere and all over in 5 seconds.

We managed to spend the whole day there, the Boss had his nap on the sun lounge- covered of course. All our efforts to keep him covered- hat at all times, t-shirt, sun cream where not enough as he had a bit of heat exaution in the evening. Got us worried but cooled down quickly so there was no need of a doctor. We’ll be even more careful in the future.

Back in business

April 22, 2009

I know it’s been ages since writing something but a lot has been going on and I totally lack inspiraton and will to write. Hope they come back soon.
In the meantime, I thought this was funny and I really feel sorry for the poor idiots who’ll answer this message


March 20, 2009

After a completely dry month and a half I am enjoying a Bacardi Breezer. Today we went to the Baracuda, one of the few shops in the area thet sell alcohol without a license. The drive there was a bit annoying as I wanted to stop at a plant nursery first but we couldn’t find it. Of course it was on the road I said we should go but the wise CFO knew better nothing is there so we went in the opposite direction.    After that I got a wrong turn so we made a huge detour but we eventually got to the Baracuda place.

It was like a small warehouse, full of people. I couldn’t believe the amount of alcohol most people bought. I decided that since I got there I should not leave empty handed so I filled my trolley with a lot of bottles of Bacardi Breezers, all sorts and a lot of bottles of wine, white only :-). Hubby got 2 crates of beer of course, and some whisky. We loaded everything  into the car, covering it very well, as it is illegal to carry alcohol without a license and drove off.

We probably won’t do the trip very often as I am not so desperate for the bottle but it’s nice to have some in the house. Esp wine, good for cooking 🙂

New titles

March 17, 2009

I was thinking the other day that I’m a housewife. That doesn’t sound very nice, does it? I don’t mind being a housewife but I’d like to have a nicer, more impressive title. So I came up with.. tadaaaaam CEO of Household Affairs! A bit better isn’t it? And after that I decided that everyone in my family should have a nice new title so:

1. I am the CEO, as stated above

2. Dear Husband is the Finance and Development Director!

3. The Little One is obviously the GM, the BOSS! ( not hard to figure that out)